Advertising your Events for FREE

We want to support our Not-For-Profits in our local community.  As such, all Not-For-Profits will be able to advertise their up-and-coming events for FREE in our online paper.

Simply fill in the form below and upload your ad or flyer related to the event.  It is that easy and it is FREE.

Are you a Not-For-Profit that would like to participate in this initiative?

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At Find, we can create your employment Ad. Each job will cost you a minimum of $55 (set up) and one (1) of work totally $77. For every additional hour it will cost you another $22. For instance, a job taking 3 hours will cost you $55 + 3 x $22 = $121. Most Ads can be created for approximately $77. If, however, you have already created your own ad based on our dimensions below then simply uploaded it here. Otherwise, supply your logo and wording and we will do the rest.
Before uploading your ad please make sure it meets one of the following dimensions:
*85mm x 55mm
*93mm x 65mm
*97mm x 137mm
*198mm x 90mm
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Further Information

If you need to provide any further information to help us with your event and to help us advertise this event for you, then please provide the information below.