About The Find Foundation

The Find Foundation was established in 2021 to produce community papers across Victoria.

It was started by Warren Strybosch who saw a need to provide Not-For-Profits, Schools, Sporting Clubs and other similar organisations, a place to advertise their fundraising events for free.

Initially, a community paper was set up in 2019 in the Maroondah City Council region, and in 2020 Find was approached to set up community papers in other regions e.g., Geelong, Manningham, and Knox. It was from there that the Vision for a community paper in each council city/shire region was born.

We were encouraged to set up a Not-For-Profit to own and run the community papers. Thus, in 2021 the Find Foundation was formed as a Not For Profit organisation to own and operate the community papers.

The Find Foundation governance board was set up to manage the future direction of the community papers.The Find Foundation is not a newspaper as such, but a community paper that supports all things local, with the aim to bring communities together in one place, and facilitate participation from various groups in the local community to work towards supporting one another. It is an initiative that meets a need that does not currently exist.

We also hope to create our own fundraising initiatives, beginning with the Find Cards, that other NFP organisations, schools, sporting clubs, and the like, can run with and in the future generate further fundraising money to help them continue to operate.  We understand that NFP’s have limited resources and that all NFP’s require funding.  We will do the hard work of setting up these fundraising initiatives so that any organisation can simply ‘pick it up off the shelf and run with it. Our fundraising models will always strive to benefit all parties involved. The days of putting your hand out and asking for money has long passed. To raise funds requires a new way of thinking – we must find a way of giving something back to those who become involved. Our fundraising initiatives will do just that…they will provide a benefit to the person/business supporting the initiative whilst raising much needed funds for the NFP, school, sporting club, etc, who participate.

Our first initiative, will be to get the Find Cards up and running.  We will be approaching schools, sporting clubs, other NFPs, to participate whereby their members will receive the Find Cards – a loyalty card that will have access to discount offers from any and all businesses in their local area.  Businesses will be able to participate by advertising discount offers to all Find Card members.  Everyone wins.Our aim is to make a difference in the local community in which we live. 







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