How the Find Network can Benefit to Community Paper

The Find Foundation in conjunction with Find Pty Ltd, has created the Find Network.  The Find Network was established to enable small businesses to come together and support each other.  Unlike other network groups where the sole purpose is to simply refer business, the Find Network has a commitment to ‘community’.  First is community and then referrals will come.

The Find Network has recently launched the Find Network App which will enable businesses to better refer business to one another, and keep track of those referrals and any revenue received as part of their referral agreements they might have in place with other local businesses in their network.

How the Find Network can Benefit to Community Paper.

Community papers offer a range of benefits to network members, fostering a stronger and more connected community. Here are some key advantages:

Local Focus

Unlike national news sources, community papers delve into local happenings, keeping members informed about events, school board meetings, zoning issues, and other matters that directly impact their daily lives. This localized news can be hard to find elsewhere.

Networking Opportunities

Community papers can serve as a platform for members to connect with each other. Through announcements about business openings, upcoming events, or volunteer opportunities, members can discover new ventures and connect with like-minded individuals.

Supporting Local Businesses

Community papers often rely on advertising from local businesses. By subscribing or reading the paper, network members can support these businesses and contribute to the economic health of the community.

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Whilst, this network group is not KPI driven, nor is it about seeking referrals, we acknowledge that referrals are an important part of running any businesses. We all would like more clients.

We hope that, as we get to know each other and work towards our common goal of helping the community, we would find opportunities to support of one another, to encourage each other, is to refer each other.

*Article video sample from one of our Network Members


  • Reserve your spot in one of the Shires by filling in your details in our Find Network website.
  • Only one business catergory per Shire can be part of a network group in your Shire region.
  • We will place your business on our site indicating that you want to be part the network group in your chosen Shire.
  • When you express interest, we will email you, asking for your logo and other information to be placed on this site for FREE. The email will also provide the link to the referral app that you will need to set up an account with.
  • When we have enough members, we will start the group and start charging a membership fee.