The Find Foundation was established in 2021 to produce community papers across Victoria.

The Find Foundation aims to produce community online papers that provide free advertising to any organisation that is running a fundraising event. It also enables NFPs to tell their story; to make the community aware of the services the NFP provides and to help them connect with the community. The community paper also invites sporting clubs, schools and other similar organisations to partner with the community paper in their region and in return receive free advertising to promote their events and encourage the community to participate with them.

Who can Join the Community Paper?

Community papers offer a range of benefits to all the Local Businesses, Not-For-Profit, Schools, Clubs and other organisations.

In-Kind Sponsorship – Community Paper

This is available to you if we operate in the council region where you are based.

Receive more as an in-Kind Sponsor: Become an In-Kind Sponsor and receive $0,000’s in FREE Advertising.

FREE Advertising for Everybody: Currently, all sporting clubs, schools, associations and other NFPs get FREE ‘fund raising event advertising or aticle promoting your organisation.’ What does this mean? If you are running an event for your organisation with the aim to raise funds, then we will allow you to place an as in our community paper for FREE.


  • FREE event fundraising advertising.

  • FREE business listing on our website. (Value: $99/yr).

  • FREE business listing in our printed magazine. (Value: $200/yr).

  • FREE 1/2 page advertising space in our online paper to write an article, advertise ‘Come and Try’ days, promote your facilities or advertise other types of events. (Value: $715/month).

  • 50% disocunt on any advertising (excluding back cover and inside front page) in our printed magazine. (Value: $55 – $850/qrt).

  • FREE logo placement on second page of monthly online paper and quarterly printed paper.

  • Ability to include a video link in any advertising/articles in online paper.

  • FREE promotion through social media platforms.

  • Your members having access to Find Cards each year.


  • Treated as a Corporate Sponsor
  • Placement of logos on social media, website, and in newsletters alongside other sponsors.
  • If you have a venue or facility where signage is permitted to be displayed, you allow us, at our own cost, to produce the signage that will be displayed in a prominent place for members to view.
  • Invitation for Find Maroondah representative to attend key events throughout the year that you hold for Corporate Sponsors.
  • Promote Find Cards to your members and encourage them to register their details so they can received future offers from local businesses.

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Become a Find Network Member

Referral and Community

Our network group is outward focused. We come together as business owners to not only refer to each other but to support our local not-for-profit, schools, sporting clubs, etc, in the area where we work and live.

For business owners in the community, we are offering you FREE advertising. Yes, FREE advertising. Enjoy the benefit of being a Find Network Member. We believe in using our gifts and talents to make a differrence. As a group we support our local community. In turn, we believed the community will support you and your business.

Enjoy the Benefit of being a Find Network Member

Business Listings on Website

Favourable List Placement

Exclusive Advertising

Front Page Logo Position

Second Page Logo Position

Video Link Available

Get Promoted through Social Media

Find Card Advertising