At the Find Foundation we wish to support as many organisations as possible and help them raise the much needed funds to keep them operating. We have set a goal of creating three major fundraising events that any organisation can ‘pick up off the shelf’ and run with.

The best thing about all of this is that we have done all the hard work for you.  You just need to roll this out to your members and to the general public via your newsletters, email lists, and social media – we will even give you the flyers, wording, and more, to help you do this with ease.

The first fundraising initiative we are getting off the ground is the Find Cards ( These will provide everyone in the community: your members, business owners, and your sponsors, the ability to participate and benefit from this fundraising initiative. Your members and the local community will purchase a Find Card for $4.99 per month. When they sign up to the Find Cards, they will nominate an organisation to support (like your one), and a portion of that $4.99 per month will be put aside and allocated to your organisation.

To claim those funds, all your organisation needs to do is sign up as an In-Kind Sponsor with us. It does not cost your organisation money to become an In-Kind sponsor. In fact, you receive more from us in the way of advertising in our Find Community Papers (if and when they are running in your region) to promote your organisation, etc. Members who sign up will get access to special deals and coupons supplied by businesses (free advertising for the business) and go into monthly giveaway draws. As more members sign up the better the monthly giveaways will become, the more discount deals will be offered by businesses, and the more your organisation will generate income …everyone wins.

We will be rolling out the Find Cards initially throughout Victoria in each council region. The funds raised will support other organisations including our own Find Foundation. The Find Foundation will then in turn be able to set up more community papers in other regions across Victoria. Everyone wins whether they are NFP, school, club, member, general public or business owners. Our aim is to make a difference in the local community in which we live.

Download the Find Cards App and Become a Member Today!

You can download our Find Cards App from the Google Play store or the App Store (Apple).

More about the Find Cards

Find Cards is a fundraising initiative set up by Warren Strybosch who wanted to help as many Charities, Not-For-Profits, Schools, Sporting Clubs and other organisations in his local community and other regions throughout Victoria.

Warren has seen Fundraising change over years.  Before, you could just ask people for money and they would give it gladly.  However, with the increased pressures of rising living costs, people just don’t have the ability to give as much as they used to.  Also, members are getting tired of all the work required to keep the organisation running…it is usually left up to a few people to do the majority of the work.  So, when they hear the word fundraising, they run for the hills.

This is where the Find Cards can help.  We have done all the work.  We will help the organisations get the message out to their members and the public.  The Find Cards also benefits everyone who gets involved…it is not just about asking for money.  Members get deals; businesses get to advertise for Free, and the NFPS, etc, get a new revenue source.

The revenue generated from the Find Cards will support the organisations that want to participate as well as provide the necessary funding to support the Find Foundation, a Not-For-Profit organisation that is setting up and operating community papers across Victoria.

The Find Community Papers provide a place where NFPs, Schools, Sporting clubs, etc, can tell their stories, promote their services, and connect with the community in one place.

Partner with Us

Do you run a business? Are you a NFP or School or Sporting Club? Become a Business Partner or In-Kinds Sponsor with us and let’s help each other and the community.

Become an In-Kind Sponsor

When Find Cards Member register they will choose an organisation to support…it might be yours.  If your organisation has been chosen then we will put aside funds for you to claim.  To claim these funds is easy and does not cost your organisation a thing.  All you have to do is sign up as an In-Kind Sponsor.  As an In-Kind Sponsor, you will receive the funds allocated to you at the beginning of each new financial year.  However, if you do not sign up as an In-Kinds Sponsor, then those funds we kept aside for your organisation will be distributed to other In-Kind sponsors in your region who have signed up as In-Kind Sponsors.

Also, as an In-Kind Sponsor, if we have a Find Community Paper up and running in your council region where you are based, then we will promote you in the community paper for free.  What do we ask for in return?  It is simple, we will ask you to treat us like a major sponsor and promote us to your members and to the general public like you would other sponsors.

Become a Partner – All Businesses

Do you run a business? Would you like free advertising? Do you want more clients or sales? We are offering every business in Victoria FREE Advertising. Simply register your business, provide your discount offer and we will do the rest. You can change your offer at any time throughout the year.

About Find Card Discount Offers

As part of Find’s commitment to providing our local community with the best possible service, we have introduced the Find Card Discount Offers. This is a fundraising initiative to help Not-Fot-Profits, Schools, Clubs, Charities and other similar organisation raise valuable funds whilst the business owner gains more exposure and clients. This is a FREE advertising opportunity for any local business in Victoria.

FREE Advertising for Every Business

Are you a Restaurant, Cafe, Takeaway, Beauty Salon, Hairdresser, Clothing Store, or Kids Entertainment business, to name a few. Basically, do you run a business? If so, we will advertise your discount offer for FREE to all of our Find Card members and to the general community via our social media platforms.

About Giveaways

When you sign up as a Find Card Member, you are supporting us and a community organisation that needs your help.   As such, we want to give you something back for your support.  As a Find Card Member, you will go into our monthly draw to win a prize. Then at the end of each year you will go into the draw to win the Find Grand Giveaway Draw whereby you could win a major prize for yourself and the organisation you wish to support.  The more members signed up in your chosen organisation, the more chances your organisation has of winning the Find Grand Giveaway Draw.  Start encouraging your members, friends and families to sign up to the Find Cards and support the organisation you are already supporting.