Register Your Find Cards

We have made it easier for you to register your Find Card/s. Simply complete your details below and you will be emailed an authentication code. Put this number on your card and you are ready to use it. Then every Friday watch out for an email letting you know of any new offers available to you using your card.

We also encourage you to Follow and Like our Instagram and Facebook page. The more Follows and Likes we get the more businesses will be willing to submit a generous offer for you.

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  • Find Brekky, Brunch & Lunch

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  1. Would you like to receive a FREE Find Cards for the current year?
  2. In future, these Find Cards will be distributed via NFPs, schools, and sporting clubs, in
    your local community – a new fundraising initiative we hope you will support.
  3. We will continue to approach businesses to supply new and offers for you.
  4. The offers will be displayed in the community Online Paper.


  1. To register your Find Card, scan the QR code located on the other side of the flyer or on th front of the envelope provided.
  2. Upon registration you will be emailed your authentication code which must be displayed on your Find Card.
  3. When a new offer is made available, you will be notified via email and via our facebook page.
  4. Present your Find Card to the participating business to gain access to the offers. Some businesses may require you to print off the coupon and present it with Find Cards.


This is a new Fundraising initiative for local Not-For-Profits and similar organisations. It will take time to sign up all the businesses in your local area, so the Find Cards are FREE for now.

In future you, the local community, will be able to purchase a Find Card from your local NFP that you are associated with so that they (NFP) can raise necessary funds to keep operating. With potentially 600 offers valued over $5 each, we hope you will see the value in purchasing a Find Card to support your preferred NFP.


Are you a Not-For-Profit that would like to participate in this initiative?

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