We want to support our Not-For-Profit, Sporting Clubs, Churches, and/or Religious Group, Local Businesses, and other similar organisation in our local community. As such, all organisation will be able to advertise their up-and-coming events, stories, and other available FREE advertising in each region.


  • For fully paid members only.
  • If you are a Corporate Sponsor, Find Network Member or have a paid listing in online community paper, you may provide a discount offer of $10 or more via the Find Cards. You can change your offer each quarter without cost.
  • Listings related to our online directories e.g. &
  • Find Cards are our first fundraising initiative. When you become a business partner of Find Cards we will support you and your business. All you need to do is provide discount offers to our Find Card Members.  If you are registered as an In-Kind Sponsor Today, you will be receiving funds from our members.